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 Group Charter

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PostSubject: Group Charter   Group Charter EmptyMon Feb 11, 2019 4:32 pm

1. Mindful of others & Utmost Respect for all.
2. Agree to Disagree, debates are welcome.
3. Site Confidentiality
4. Zero tolerance for Egos & Labels, keep it simple!! Just be you!
5. No drama or negative site wars.
6. Everyone is welcome.
7. Not everyone wishes for healing. Healing energy can be seen as guiding energy either positive or negative.
Just send out love to those who need it.
8. Links are welcome, sources ought to be cited and quoted if posting someone else's article.
9. Own knowledge preferred.
10. Zero tolerance for spammers, trolls, etc, any of those will be banished, kicked from our chat and banned from our site.
Ips are checked on off chance of a suspicious or dubious spammer but usually you can pinpoint them from the regular posters anyway.

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Group Charter
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