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 Daily Card Wisdom - February

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PostSubject: Daily Card Wisdom - February    Daily Card Wisdom - February  EmptyTue Feb 12, 2019 1:43 pm

Today's card of the day is number 5. It looks at unity and self-reflection. There are challenges that we overcome in our livelihood on a regular basis. This card ensures that we take the understanding as to why we have had that lesson on that day and ensures that we ask for clarity once requesting it to listen to the answers that are given from ourselves and our higher self to take on board the wisdom from that lesson and to apply it into our regular lifestyle and lessons from the present.

This card shows that you are as strong as an ox, so while you may also have a side to you that many people do not accept, remember therefore you need to accept it for yourself first and understand why its become a part of you. In truth all sides of you are beautiful, but others may not see it nor appreciate it in the way that you do. be mindful of others today, but mind not, because you feel okay in your own skin then others will be okay around you too.

Together, we can stand as a united friendship alliance of love and guidance helping those who need our help today.
5 is an angel number to take on board, you are being asked to TRUST to see yourself through the hardship of today.
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Daily Card Wisdom - February
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